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Food Supplement Orthomol® CANNABIS Plus N30

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Phytomol Cannabis plus - the power of peace and tranquillity

Whether you’re at home or at work, life is always packed full with things that need to be done. The result? You feel overwhelmed, with thoughts constantly going round and round in your head. This in turn affects your mood and makes it increasingly hard for you to get some peace. Phytomol Cannabis plus is a combination of two plant families with a long history – cannabis and ashwagandha – in a unique product for more calmness and relaxation. The information on the following pages introduces these natural ingredients and their positive effect that can support our well-being and balance.

Hemp – Its nutritional credentials
In recent years, products from hemp plants (Latin: cannabis) that have been especially bred have developed into a real trend. As a high-grade cultivated plant, hemp has many positive characteristics. It is by no means a modern discovery, though. Ancient Chinese records (300 AD) describe the many different uses of the hemp plant. And in Europe its medical significance was noted by the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder. The hemp family therefore has a long tradition of versatile uses and so it is no wonder that even today plenty of research explores its benefits. In particular, in the late 20th century the discovery of the body’s endocannabinoid system with its specific receptors attracted interest among the scientific community. Hemp‘s numerous ingredients also include nutrients such as proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, and the amino acid profile of hemp protein contains albumin, for example. These high-grade proteins contain amino acids that are important from a nutritional perspective, including arginine. The difference explained All cannabis is not the same. There is a difference between the non-intoxicating and freely available products such as hemp protein – obtained from industrial or commercial hemp – and medical cannabis that is governed by narcotics regulations. This can only be prescribed by physicians and is given in regulated amounts. 

Ashwagandha – Indian ginseng
Just like hemp, ashwagandha – also called Indian ginseng or Withania somnifera – has been known for its versatile areas of application since time immemorial. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Indian ginseng is among the most frequently used plants. Its wealth of effects on the body have led to it being known as a “master herb”. Traditional experience in Ayurveda has been confirmed in scientific studies. It bears red berries, although the powder used in Ayurvedic medicine is obtained from the root of the plant. In Sanskrit, the word ashwagandha roughly means “the smell of a horse”, which indicates that the herb strengthens and gives you a boost. This also includes an improvement in stress resistance. Ashwagandha provides support for the nervous system and according to Indian medicine therefore contributes to “clarity and calm”.



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Daily dose

% of NRV°°

Ashwaganda root extract

100 mg


Hemp seed protein powder

200 mg


* NRV =% of nutrient reference value (EU Regulation 1169/2011)
** No EU recommendations


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