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If you've come to Megango, you are on the right track!

Founded in 2015, Megango is one of Europe's fastest-growing offering products for a healthy lifestyle. We have become an integral shopping destination for customers who want each new day to feel even better than the last, and also for those who appreciate quality products and high-class service. Thanks to our customers, we're happy to oblige!

Like our customers, we want to develop and get better every day. To meet our customers' needs, we are constantly improving our shop's technical functionality.

To make the shopping experience more exciting, our team continually expands our selection to include the most up-to-date brands and products, carefully selected to bring the best to our shop. The Megango shop already offers products from more than 100 different brands. Products are only included in the Megango shop's selection after tests have been done on them, and they have been found to be suitable and high-quality.


Environmentally aware

As our company expands, we understand that our impact on the environment, and the potential for environmental pollution, increases as well.

Currently, we are focused on choosing responsible suppliers, and are working towards a reduced volume of packaging and increased use of renewable resources in packaging.

We shouldn't forget that when we choose high-quality products, they will always hold up better and longer, thus significantly reducing environmental pollution.


Providing support

In 2017, we established the KEENFACTOR programme to support hard-working young people by helping them develop their talents and provide them with important equipment.

We know that big goals take a lot of work to achieve, and we know that any outside support can make this path a little bit easier.

Our children have our future in their hands!

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