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Prince Tour Elite 21 (graphite)

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The Prince Tour Elite 21 children's tennis racket is the perfect racket to start playing tennis with. It's light and well manoeuvred, but at the same time you can develop your hand movement perfectly in the early stages. The racket strings are rarely arranged (ESP - extreme string pattern) and will provide a 30% better spin of the ball and help get the ball better across the net. The racket is made of aluminium. Best suited for 5-7 years of age.


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''As the father of a six-year-old, I've realised that any parent wants all that best for their child. All I trust is Prince when it gets to inventory for tennis - especially the smaller tennis players who have just started. I've worked hard with thousands of children and parents, for years and I've been smart in choosing quality, which is important that your future champions are given the best chance to be successful.'' 

10 of the worlds NO.1. tennis player trainer and IMG Bollettieri tennis academy founder. - Nick Bollettieri.

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