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Reax Fluikettle is the first soft-weight balls with dynamic properties and proprietary “Sudden Dynamic Pulse” technology: These impulses enhance movements, forcing an athlete to perform much higher muscle activation, and which allows you to work with a variable load. The reax Fluikettle weights ball is filled with non-toxic water. The unpredictability of water turns any exercise into a really intense neuromuscular workout. Fluid and load destabilize any exercise, creating an unstable environment during each movement. Compared to traditional static weight exercises, due to fluid instability, the product weight is on average 1/3 more intensive than actual weight. Metabolism activity is also increasing.


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Because of reax Fluikettle soft material, it is a one-time functional tool. You can pick it up or drop it without harming the surfaces. The material is durable and safe, suitable for outdoor activities, home training or any environment you choose. The technology used to make reax Fluikettle ensures its long-term, safe, safe use. The reax Fluikettle weightball is suitable for both functional training and physiotherapy, whether you are a novice or professional athlete. The various weights of Fluikettle allow you to change and personalize the workout effort.
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Price rangeEUR 50 – EUR 100
TypeKettle balls
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